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The pressure is on "I have a Dreawidth account,...now what the hell do I do with this..". To paraphrase my wife, who reminds me as of tonight that I've done nothing with my account. I extend my apologies to all of my future subscribers. I'm not a writer, although I play one on paper. I have the opportunity to put my abilities out there, (as lacking as they are) but I will find every excuse in the book to avoid going public, (unless of course someone names the right price). So what can I say for this introductory vignette, except that I will be here, ready to write, ready to read, ready to subscribe to your posts. And I'm willing to work for money. I'll be adding posts soon, imparticular about my experiences working at a truck stop, and elsewhere. I'm sure that I'm a science fiction writer, (along the lines of Herbert), or a comedy writer, (along the lines of Twain) but we'll all just have to be kept in suspense on that one. Sincerely,

Jonathan Koziol

Date: 2012-02-19 03:08 am (UTC)
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I'm offering $250 per post. You may withdraw it from the checking account at liberty. However, I'm also turning over the bill box to you, dear. :)


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